My name is Matteo D. Mazzotti and I work as an IT consultant for a small consultancy company based in Milan, Italy.
I am a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer on SharePoint 2010 and Web development in .NET4.
Although I am especially focused on the Microsoft technology stack, I'm always keeping an eye on the other technologies and platforms out there.
I love all aspects related to software: architecture and design, development and testing, performance optimization, life-cycle management.
I am particularly proficient in: .NET/C#, Asp.Net & Asp.Net MVC, SharePoint 2010, Sql Server, javascript, jQuery.


The first time I talked about starting a blog was in 2002. People stared at me with a puzzled look: "starting a what?". This is my first blog ever since. Had I been sucked in a black hole, I could provide a stronger alibi for this prolonged absence. In the meantime, I've been taking so much from the community, that it was high time I started to give something back.
Most of what I know, I learnt from people willing to share their knowledge.
This is my attempt to say thanks.

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